Walking In The City

Walking in the City was a four day event which included a day symposium Mapping Borders it was part of the In the City Series held at The Parlour Showrooms, Bristol.

The project was a PLaCE International and showrooms Project.

A series of walks were on offer with various performance artists:

You could drift with Phil Smith, re-awaken your senses with Simone Kenyon and howl into the night with Simon Whitehead.

Sue Maude  and Sarah were commissioned to create a collaborative piece of work based on a deep mapping process. For the duration of the Walking in the City they worked in The Parlour Show Rooms responding to each other and the material gathered by others from the walks and talks. They were both  exploring the ancient city boundaries, through walking and by referring to maps.

Sue has a specific interest in medieval pottery, Sarah in the subterranean world including waterways.

ITC Series


Water Map. Photo  Sarah Rhys


Photo Paul Blakemore

Walking in the city Blakemore

Photo Paul Blakemore

'Walking in the city' exhibition

Deep map and The Red Book. Photo Sarah Rhys


Photo. Paul Blakemore


Bristol Bridge. Sue Maude


Bristol Bridge reimagined. Sue Maude