Re-emergence is a solo event/exhibition taking place at Newton House, Dinefwr, Llandeilo from July 7th to August 31st 2012.

This is a site specific work concerned with Memory and Place and the main event was a night time projection.

The project is documented on  Land2  where the moving images are viewable.


Projection night 2012


The exhibition and moving image is a response to a room, now semi ruined, which was surrounded by a painted frieze of reclining female figures during the second world war when Dynevor (now known as Newton House) was requisitioned as a military hospital.

The murals were completely eroded by the elements decades ago, when the courtyard roof caved in after the house had come close to dereliction.

Sarah worked with what Bachelard calls the ‘intimate immensity’ of childhood memory along with black and white negatives kindly lent to her by the photographer John Bulmer. She wished to create a  re-enchantment of the derelict space using moving image and projection.

Bulmer had visited Dynevor during the Arts Festivals seasons that were run there from 1966-68 to document preparations for the productions. However he also photographed interiors and outbuildings at the same time including, thankfully, these now lost murals. Sarah cleaned and digitised the 2 batches of Bulmer’s negatives from 1966 and 1968 that now make up a digital archive of these images documenting the 60s at Dynevor.


Sarah also produced  prints of these figures layered with the walls as they are now.

Some are hybrid prints, a combination of screenprint and watercolour monoprint.

Painted Lady iv.  Archival digital print 2012