walking in the city / deep mapping

Posted by on Sep 30, 2013 in Event, News, sculpture, symposium

I collaborated with artist Sue Maude to deep map Bristol as part of walking in the city; a four day PLaCE event that took place in September at the Parlour Show rooms.

Whilst researching in the lead up to the event, Sue and I created various pieces of work, these were exhibited alongside the live deep maps that developed over the 3 days we were in residence. We had many interactions and interesting conversations with the people who had gathered for specific walking events, the symposium as well as people who walked in off the street. Conversations and images all fed into the deep mapping process.


Facimile of Little Red book of Bristol. Sarah Rhys and Sue Maude 2013

Facimile of The Little Red book of Bristol.                         Sarah Rhys and Sue Maude 2013

Gallery of further images being developed